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Confronting Abuse. Changing Lives.


“For those five days of camp, Chris was my best friend. I didn’t do anything special. I gave him my attention, valued him, walked with him and encouraged him. And for Chris, that meant the world.” 


Chris got off the bus to cheers, a name sign and Royal Family Kids staff members who were excited to see him. Chris pulled his hat even lower over his eyes and refused to make eye contact with his mentors. “Whatever. This is going to be lame,” he mumbled. As the group of boys his age grabbed their belongings and walked to their cabin, the boys quickly discovered they were all in foster care, an instant bond! It didn’t take Chris long to realize that camp was a safe and fun place where, for once, he could just be a kid. He didn’t have to worry about taking care of his younger siblings or problems at home. Instead, he slowly let his walls down and jumped into a week filled with swimming, wood working, rock wall climbing, a formal dinner and a birthday party where he even got presents! Then Thursday night came. As I sat next to him during chapel time, I could see the wheels turning. Just a few minutes later, Chris turned to me with tears streaming down his cheeks. Instantly worried, I asked, “What’s wrong buddy?” I wasn’t prepared for his response. He looked at me with his big brown eyes and asked, “Did you know Jesus loves me?” Tears immediately flooded my own eyes, as I could only imagine the past hurt that led him to this point. In that moment, I was able to share with this hurting child the incredible love of God and the love that our Royal Family Kids team has for him. I was able to share just how valuable his life is . . . something every child deserves to know. He is wanted, known, chosen and loved.

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